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Lensbaby Composer Pro II: Product Overview with Marcin Lewandowski

Posted by adoramatv on November 20th, 2015

Lensbaby is a company producing lens systems that truly strive to inspire new levels of creativity where limits of traditional lenses have already been reached.  With the Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic we are given another great addition to their Optic Swap system.

This high quality 50mm lens offers aperture range between f/3.2 to f/22 combined with industrial quality build and feeling of the acclaimed Velvet 56. The  lens is built from 8 multi-coated glass elements in 6 groups. It is an upgrade over the first version of Composer Pro not only visually but also functionally.

The Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic offers not only standard 50mm optic but also potential of tilt photography as well as compatibility with a whole range of other Lensbaby products expanding creativity of its user beyond capabilities of standard lenses.

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Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic for Canon EF Mount

Photographs by Marcin Lewandowski

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