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Westcott 59″ Zeppelin Para Softbox + Rapid Box Octa XL: Product Overview with Ruth Medjber

Posted by adoramatv on November 20th, 2015
The Rapid Box 36" XL is the durable and portable solution for beautiful modification of strobes and constant lighting. The Rapid Box XL's frame is constructed from solid aluminum to minimize the overall weight and retain product durability for years to come. 
The Westcott 59" Zeppelin Para Softbox is equipped with high-quality construction and needlework, 16 durable lightweight and heat-resistant rods, a 1-stop inner diffusion panel with a 2-stop center dot to eliminate hot spots, a single sheet outer diffusion panel, an extra-long zippered entry point for additional mounting options, and a travel case.
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Photos by Ruth Medjber
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